Maria Gasolina

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The wind is now from the East

Maria Gasolina is a world music band from Finland. We perform foreign dance and rhythm music translated into Finnish. We interpret these pearls in our own a bit peculiar groove, never in a too orthodox manner. Our goal is not just to play music we enjoy, but also to introduce Finnish audience to new sounds and stories that would otherwise stay strange to them.

Maria Gasolina has earlier published three albums (and a c-tape) concentrating mostly in brazilian music. But now the band is hitching a ride with a new wind and releasing an album full of music coming to us from the East. On the album Pitkää siltaa - “Along the long bridge” - can be heard, for example, psychedelic political rock from 1970’s Turkey, stories of the strong women of Algeria, and romantic indie pop from Lebanon. At the end of the album you can also hear echoes of Greek Roma melancholy, that has its connections with the Finnish popular music style, schlager or “iskelmä”. With this new theme album Maria Gasolina wants to open new vantage points for their listeners to the cultures of Southwest Asia, Northern Africa, and the Middle East, whose media image has lately been quite one-sided and grim. The album is made in collaboration with Helsinki-based Bäghdad Band whose members are recent immigrants to Finland from Iraq and Palestina. These visiting artists lend the album tones of classical Arabian music, rounding out the final musical hybrid of the soundscape.

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